Miquel Valls, the founder of the office, started work in the banking sector where he combined his activity in different departments with academic training as an economist and auditor.

In 1985 he started his experience as an adviser and in 1990 left the banking sector to devote all of his time to tax, accounting and financial advising as a professional in a large consultancy.

In 1994, he founded the Miquel Valls Economistes office which managed the economic, tax and financial area of the Rossinyol-Alavedra lawyers and included several professionals from the field of business economy and administration.

In 2008, he took over the professional office DAE Integral d’Assessorament also in Barcelona, and brought it in as another delegation.

In 2010, both offices were brought together in the new facilities in the centre of Barcelona, while maintaining the professional collaboration with Rossinyol-Alavedra.