Our office wants to go beyond mere professional involvement and, if we believe in the project and see that it is viable, we wager on it with all consequences. We therefore apply a progressive fee..

When a company starts a business project it needs a time in order to consolidate it. In this time, the company might not produce profits or might even make losses, so it therefore needs to reduce its fixed expenses on the one hand, and to shorten this time as far as possible in order to optimise its efforts on the other.
In the first 6/12 months, the company will have an advisory fee that will adapt to the way the business goes. This time may be extended in cases where a longer start-up period is required.

Furthermore, we also apply the progressive fee for companies already up and running in order to facilitate the company’s transition from working with a classical advisory system to our form of operation (outsourcing). For a period of time, this will enable them to progressively adapt to our working systems.


With what purpose?

  • To facilitate the progressive adaptation to the protocols of operation.
  • Easier knowledge of our working system.
  • Minimal cost which can even be optimised by reducing the financial expenses they have.
  • Irrevocable demonstration of results after this period.


Our methodology is based on 6 basic pillars:

  • MVEA
  • APPLY The changes in regulations
  • INFORM On the situation of the company at all times
  • ACT According to the criterion of passive silence
  • NEGOTIATE The best financial conditions and subsidies
  • HELP In business decision-taking
  • CONTROL The administrative department

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