Frequently-asked questions

In Miquel Valls Economistes, we believe that difficulty in managing a company is not when the taxes should be presented or the accountancy done. We believe that is the key lies in the correct decision-taking on questions such as:

– Have I got the right structure?
– Can I get a larger market share in my turnover and what problems or advantages might this bring me?
– Are my gross and net margins right?
– Can I combine my wage as a manager with a share-out of dividends?
– Can I adjust my financial and structural costs?
– What is my position in comparison with other companies of the sector?
– What do I have to do to finance myself more and better?
– How do I plan my financial strategy according to when and how I pay my suppliers and receive from my customers?
– What is my break even, in other words, how much do I have to bill to cover my fixed expenses?
– Do I have any form of financing or public subsidy I can turn to in my activity?
– What company structure is the best for my business in terms of benefits and drawbacks?
– What personal risks do I take on if my business management is not right?
– How do I plan succession in my company management?
– Am I optimising my tax structure?
–  Am I abreast of all my legal, tax, juridical, occupational obligations, etc.?
– Could I have more profits with a different structure or a larger exporting share?

All of the answers to the questions which a company might have made at any time, will receive a better answer if we are inside the company. This is why in Miquel Valls Economistes we believe in outsourcing.